‘Fika‘ is another delightful Swedish word. It means sitting down and setting aside quality downtime with friends for a coffee and cake. How nice is that?

The lovely print from Etsy would look nice in any kitchen. Fika Definition Print, Swedish Scandinavian Nordic, Coffee Bar Kitchen Decor, Friends Family Dining Room Artwork, Minimal Dictionary Art for £4.90

Fika Definition Print Swedish Scandinavian Nordic Coffee Bar image 1

It is linked to the recognition of coffee and pasties, but they say it is really meant to be a way of stopping for a short while in work and life to just enjoy the moment, which is such a wonderful idea.

Apparently it can take place inside a café, outside in nature, or in the comfort of your own or friends home.

‘Let’s go for a ‘fika’ is often overheard between word colleague or friends you have not seen for a while. ‘Fika‘ is a image, a state of mind, a belief and an important part of Swedish culture. Many Swedes consider that it is almost essential to make time for fika every day.

Swedish Fika Mug  Swedish Coffee Mug Scandinavian mug image 0

I also love this ‘Finka’ themed mug.from Etsy at £10.38

It would make a great with a card inside depicting what it means in English.

These candles are perfect to have around the home and to remind you of this lovely Swedish tradition. They are from Fika Candles and are £40. Fill with a hole collection of our single wick candles. Enjoy the full aroma of our fantastic candles and wax melts. Everything in this luxurious gift set has been lovingly handmade and packed full of fragrance by the team at Fika Candles to make your gift set extra special, using natural organic ingredients.

Before I pop down to call some friends for a ‘Fika’ meet I thought The Little Book of Fika would be a great match with any of the gifts above and is available from Amazon at £5.94 (and other good retailers).

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