Welcome to the Pembrooke — Oh Eight Oh Nine

Hey everyone!! Today I am going to be sharing with you the brand-spanking-new ‘Pembrooke’ Homebuyers Centre Display Home that I recently completed. It is such a beautiful family home and the floor plan has been cleverly designed to make the most out of every space. From the L shaped kitchen with coffee station, double door […]

Welcome to the Pembrooke — Oh Eight Oh Nine

a single piece wallcovering you can launder — mecc interiors inc.

Have you noticed the return of wallpaper and murals in recent years? We’re intrigued by a one-piece wallcovering you can launder. W is a Wallcovering you Can Launder Made by WALLSTOXX, W is entirely customisable―the design, the size, and the colours. 15 more words

a single piece wallcovering you can launder — mecc interiors inc.

Double vs Sink Kitchen Sinks – Pros and Cons

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Buying the right kitchen sink is about finding a product which fits in with the general style of the kitchen and contributes to the theme, it is also about selecting a sink which is the right size for the space and for how you will generally use it. Beyond the materials, the price and the finish of your sink however, you are going to have to choose first between a single or a double sink. To help you select the right choice for your kitchen, these are the pros and cons between each of these kitchen sinks.

Pros and Cons of Single Kitchen Sinks

One of the most common reasons for the purchase of single kitchen sinks is to fit in a smaller kitchen, given the fact that they take up less space than a double. Whilst this can mean that you are more restricted with regards to using…

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