When your home is clean and tidy, all your stress and tensions fly out of the window. When it’s cluttered and messy you feel really stressed out.

Don’t let the idea of sorting out a room will make you feel more anxious as it will have the opposite effect. Maybe first try with your bedroom doing some simple things like flipping your mattress and moving a few bits around. Maybe even try sleeping in another bedroom to see if you prefer it.

Buy some new bedding and pillows to completely change the feel of the room and clear all the clutter. Repaint the walls in white to make it feel bigger and add more light by changing the bulbs or putting some romantic fairy lights across the bedhead.

Pop in a couple of plants and sort out all your drawers. You will be amazed at how great you will feel when you have finished it. Once you can see and feel the benefit of finishing your room start in another room and do the same.


Undecorate: The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design is a book by Christiane Lemieux, & Ruman Alam.

Undecorate profiles twenty homes from all over the country, revealing their owners’ love of imperfection and penchant for surprise and unusual juxtapositions while inspiring readers to follow their own whimsy and practicalities in their personal spaces. An anglophile creates an English manor in Hollywood, mixing British flea-market finds with midcentury furniture. A car fanatic turns a vintage Airstream trailer into a master bedroom and situates it in the middle of a vast industrial loft in downtown Chicago. A couple transforms a log house in Nashville, Tennessee, by blending their modern and eclectic styles with the home’s rustic charm. Though the designs differ widely, the spaces all express an open-minded attitude. Some homes embrace their contexts, while others transcend them. All are shaped by instinct and imagination and share innovative ideas that readers can use to organically and elegantly create their home to match their lifestyle and tastes.

Lemieux gets to the essence of the homeowners’ distinctive styles, pinpointing the transformative ideas, thoughtful details, and useful solutions that make each home memorable. With more than 200 full-color photographs, Undecorate will both inspire and guide homeowners to a new outlook on home design.

It is a great book about fun interiors. It shows integrated interiors, lived-in and functional looks that are very classy and from contemporary to cozy, English cottage and Hygge living style.