beautiful outdoor lighting and heating to extend your time outside — mecc interiors inc.

Outdoor lighting and heating don’t need to be two separate things. Belgian design company, Heatsail, beautifully merges the two to maximise your outdoor living season. The company’s offerings include overhead, wall-mounted, floor-mounted, and integrated lighting and heating. Merge Outdoor Lighting and Heating Every outdoor space can benefit from lighting. And optional heating makes relaxing and…

beautiful outdoor lighting and heating to extend your time outside — mecc interiors inc.


This gorgeous picture from Ideal Home is enough to inspire all of us to get planting in our garden.

I particularly liked this image as the colours that pop out make it look cosy and green without too much effort in needing more plants.
This has to be one of my favourite outdoor image. The abundance of plants and flowers in such a small space is amazing, and one I would love to copy in my garden.
Another stunning image of a tiny space overflowing with greenery. I’m sure the minute you sat down in the relaxing chair you would soon be in the land of nod.
This final image of this slate from Lilybels just epitomises summer time to me and would look perfect in any garden.
How amazing does this garden room look from Garden Rooms by Creative? For the ultimate outdoor space with cosy sitting area, these are the dream! Forget the “man-cave” or “she-shed” and build the ultimate dream room for lounging.