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If like me, you love plants (they are all over my house) then I am sure I can tempt you into purchasing one from this amazing site called Oxy Plants.Oxy Plants say plants make you feel good, but it also means that you can also help to prevent what Ecologi are saying ‘Our collective homes are in the process of being turned totally upside down which is leading to strife for all life on Earth.’ Grow a forest for Earth Day 2022! Sign up using code EARTHDAY50 to get 50 free trees.

Your plants,plant trees. Making the world a greener place, as well as your home. Oxy-Plants sell everything from indoor/outdoor and living walls for your living room or work. They also sell all you need to go with your plants from pots to pest control.

The living wall above has its self-watering system and easy installation of the…

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Try swapping the following 11 items to help the environment and make you feel you are giving something back.

  1. Plastic toothbrush – change for a bamboo toothbrush.
  2. Shampoo – change for soap bar shampoo.
  3. Facial Wipes – change to a facial soap bar.
  4. Plastic Bags – change to reusable cloth ones.
  5. Plastic Containers – change to glass containers, start by buying a few a month.
  6. Plastic Water Bottle – change to stainless steel one (they keep it or cold better).
  7. Supermarket Vegetables – try the Farmers Markets for plastic-free fruit and vegetables.
  8. Plastic Straws – change to glass or stainless steel straws.
  9. Cleaning products in plastic bottles – buy boxed refills.
  10. Paper Napkins – change for cloth ones
  11. Plastic Lunch Boxes – change to stainless steel ones.

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The outdoor living space is used for relaxing or simply getting away with it all. If you are thinking about decorating it, it doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. The most important thing is to have an outdoor space that complements your home and suits your lifestyle. Otherwise, you won’t have it! Even if […]

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