It’s feeling colder by the day with winter well and truly set in at the moment so we feel in the mood for hot drinks by the fire and being wrapped up in blankets.

With so many of us spending time at home its important to make your home special with warmth and coziness like a Hygge or Lagom in your home. Here are ten great ways to create this atmosphere.

  1. Keep your ugg mini boots handy so you can keep your feet warm or that pair of thick socks someone bought you for Christmas.
  2. Find some fleece leggings or a thick pair of pyjama bottoms.
  3. Wear with an over sized cardigan you had your eye on in the sales or one you could borrow from your partner.
  4. Wrap that gorgeous throw around you to keep warm.
  5. Keep your twinkly lights going even though Christmas is over.
  6. Plan the films you are going to watch and have plenty of popcorn in to enjoy a movie night in.
  7. Pop dinner in your crockpot in the morning so it’s on all day and ready for the evening meal.
  8. Have a stack of magazines or books handy that you haven’t had time to read.
  9. Light your room with candle light.
  10. Get your diffuser sending out some relaxing essential oil smells.


Houseplant Week this year is 11th January – 17th January 2021.

Enhance your decor and lift your home with houseplants.

Indoor gardening is great. Not only does it make our homes look great, but houseplants also have health benefits that you might not even know about. From improving the air we breathe to help lift our moods during the darker nights of winter.

Every year during the second week in January, lets celebrate houseplants.

#HouseplantWeekUK celebrates the best in indoor gardening and helps you choose the right plant for your home.

Share your photos and videos on social media using the hashtag – #HouseplantWeekUK

Source : Awareness Days


Sophie M has an amazing board on Pinterest called Montana Hygge which is full to the brim with images all kinds of Hygge Interiors some of which I will list below. Follow Sophie M for more great images.

The Home Art Gallery
Modula Palm Basket Storage Cube for Shelf
Curve Hook
Modern Floor Lamp
Washed Linen Curtains Zara Home

I love all of the above but there are plenty more to look at on Maria’s page.