I’m sure by now everyone knows what Hygge means but for someone novice to this beautiful word here are seven ways to make your home Hygge style.

Try to add natural elements like wood, wool, stone and plants to your rooms for warmth.

Create a cosy corner to add a cosy nook, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea and a good book.

Add candles, real or fake, but lots and lots of them.

Enjoy books, from the latest best seller to the Nordic diet.

Turn your bathroom into your own spa with candles, warm lights, heating up high and a bath caddy to hold your glass of wine and book.

Create a beautiful simple cosy bedroom without clutter, clean and white with an accent of colour of your choice.

Fill your house with treasured memories of times gone by as or add a Hygge statement piece of artwork.


Images speak a million words and so my next post is going to be all about creating a cosy home this Autumn.

A simple glass table showing lots of interesting books to sit down, cosy up and enjoy.
A perfect spot to simply sit, relax and read your heart out.
If it’s not cold enough for a real fire simply fill it with candles to create a cosy atmosphere.
You can make your bathroom just as cosy as your lounge to chill in.
These beautiful bedroom image just makes me want to just dive into that bed.
If you get the lighting right in your kitchen it can create another cosy area.
Conservatories aren’t just for summer, this one is all set up for the Autumn.


Crystals, they say can influence the atmosphere in your living room, office, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

You can change the energy in any room, they can enhance the atmosphere and improve specific zones.

You can use them to help with disturbed sleeps, to help you focus in your home office, to clear worries from the head and heart.

Putting certain ones in your living room can give you protection, bring joy and happiness and even help you to remember and connect to ancestors.

A crystal centrepiece in the middle of a dining table looks terrific and can bring the focus, energetically and aesthetically, back to food.

A brilliant book all about crystals is Crystal Reiki Healing by Philip Permutt and is available from Amazon and other good book stores.

Leading crystal expert Philip Permutt shows how Reiki healing and crystal therapy can be combined for effective self-healing and improved wellbeing. At the simplest level, you can charge a crystal with Reiki energy and then carry it with you or give it to someone in need of support, but this groundbreaking book goes well beyond that. As well as learning how to select and prepare crystals, you will discover the intricate and effective Crystal Reiki grids that will dissolve blocked and stagnant energy, remove negative energy, such as stress, from the body and boost the body’s natural self-healing for a range of common health conditions. In this comprehensive guide, Philip identifies 101 crystals that work exceptionally well when combined with Reiki energy. Arranged in colour groups, healing and metaphysical properties, chakra associations and Reiki symbol connections are given for each one. There are also in-depth profiles of quartz crystal, amethyst and ruby – three of the most common and effective crystals used by Reiki Masters.