There are candles then there are candles but there are not many as stunning as these ceramic candle holders and diffusers for your home. Chase and Wonder have a feast for senses. Their stunning range includes The Flower Lady, The Library, The Orangery, The Enchanted Forest, The Jungle, The Country Garden, The Seashore, The Botanist, The Dashing Gent, and The Tropical Paradise.

Feedback for all their products are five stars and as well as the candles they do the same stunning range in diffusers. They say they believe candles should be a joy to smell, and fill the room with elegant notes that are so evocative they transport you to a forgotten past, a cherished memory, on an adventure you are yet to take.

So they spent many months perfecting each one of their fragrances so that the final result would be sophisticated, memorable and contain many layers of aroma.

The candles come in a reusable ceramic vessel with a luxe gift box and are hand-decorated with real 22 Carat gold for £48 – £55


  • Luxury, hand poured scented Candle
  • Approx 90 hour burn time (50% longer than our glass candles)
  • 300g of vegan friendly soy wax.
  • 84mm diameter, 89mm high reusable ceramic container (perfect for pens, plants, and trinkets)
  • Proudly Made in Great Britain

The diffusers also come in a luxe presentation/gift box with gold foil detail (box measures 325mm x 127mm x 84mm) which also has 22 carat gold hand painted detail for £78

The box contains:

1 x Hand decorated ceramic diffuser with 22 carat gold hand painted detail
(78mm diameter x 110mm high)
1 x 200 ml of Alcohol free fragrance (lasting up to 6 months)1 x pack of (7) 240mm long black reeds

What makes their diffusers so special well they believe fragrance should be sophisticated, memorable and multi layered. It should be joy to smell, and fill the room with elegant notes that are designed to transport you to a forgotten past, a cherished memory, on an adventure you are yet to take.

Their passion in this belief led them to working for many months with a fragrance house to ensure that each one of our scents had the characteristics, uniqueness and depth that we demanded and would be proud of.

Their diffusers are hand poured in small batches using a blend of premium fragrances, to ensure that your room will be filled with the delicious scent almost instantaneously.

Of course, a few of this beautiful range are already sold out but if you pop over to the Chase and Wonder website now and are a new customer you can get a 10% discount for signing up with your email.


According to USN News one of Denmark’s Magic Words is how to deal with the pandemic.

“Samfundssind” – considering the needs of society over oneself – reflects Danish societal values useful in combating a pandemic.

Marie Helweg-Larsen says that “In recent years, the English-speaking world has found two Danish concepts, “pyt” and “hygge,” useful for dealing with anxiety and stress. Now another Danish word – “samfundssind” – might help countries grapple with the pandemic.

In March 2020, at the start of the pandemic, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen urged all Danes to show “samfundssind,” which means to consider the needs of society above your own. In English, it roughly translates to community spirit, civic engagement or civic-mindedness.”

Marie goes on to explain that before the pandemic, samfundssind was a relatively obscure word that was rarely, if ever, used. It first appeared in a Danish dictionary in 1936, and former Danish Prime Minister Thorvald Stauning included it in several speeches in the late 1930s imploring Danes to show community spirit as World War II was approaching. However, since Frederiksen used the word in her March speech, its usage in Denmark has spiked.

The concept of samfundssind seems to be related to what researchers call social capital. Members of societies that have high levels of social capital tend to be more trusting and reciprocal while feeling more connected to their fellow citizens – all attitudes that lend themselves to considering the needs of a community over your own.

Denmark is an individualistic society, and Danes rank as the most trusting in the world. They score highly in interpersonal trust as well as trust in institutions, such as the police and government. Denmark also has the world’s lowest levels of corruption.

With winter approaching and the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, the impulse may be to retreat from the public health emergency and think only about ourselves and our own needs.

Samfundssind, however, can remind us to look outward, rather than inward.


Craft something with care by holding a “Crafternoon” in aid of the charity MIND and help raise money to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone. Held on Saturday 5th December or at a time to suit you.

Sign up for a kit and details at MIND. The kit comes with crafty templates, delicious recipes and all the support you need to host, whether its craftiest virtual fundraiser “Crafternoon” or in someone’s home.

You can choose your activity from homemade Christmas cards to favour boxes for your table. MIND has inspirational templates for you to choose from.

Invite your nearest and dearest. Get guests to leave a donation to MIND. Share stories and inspiration with your fellow “Crafternooners” and stay in touch with the latest news from the “Crafternoon team.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the nation’s mental health will be long lasting, so it is incredibly important that we take action now. Every penny you raise at your “Crafternoon” helps MIND be there for anyone experiencing a mental health problem, providing life-changing information and support.