How to stay happy like the Danes during winter lockdown is an article I read in The Times.

Apparently Denmark is grappled with coronavirus rates higher than most of its Nordic neighbours and is also now on the UK quarantine list and the economy is facing its biggest contraction since the Second Word War with dark and dreary winter well on its way. But this doesn’t bother the Danes, they are still happy.

Where else in the world would choose this moment to open a Happiness Museum, devoted to the subject for which the Danes are most famous? And not only that, but manage to attract up to 70 smiling visitors a day, even with the dearth of tourists on Copenhagen’s streets.

The Telegraph wrote that one study even found that the closer a country is in distance to Denmark, the happier its people are likely to be! So are Danes just born happy, or do they know something we don’t? Well, the Danes have better work-life balance than anywhere else in the world, with only 2 per cent regularly working long hours (compared to an average figure of 13 per cent for other countries). All employees are entitled to a minimum of five weeks paid holiday a year, and when Danes are at work, they often have flexible working environments.

The Danes also love their sweets, especially baking and eating cakes, cookies, and pastries. Anything home-cooked is much more hygge than something store-bought. Hygge drinks are best served warm. Tea, hot chocolate, and mulled wine all have a high hygge factor. Especially on a cold winter night.

Culture Trip wrote that from November until the end of February, Denmark’s nickname is Mordor. Yes, you got that right, J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional world of Middle-earth. Truth is that some days you can’t really tell which is one is the worst but don’t despair because these tips will help you to survive the winter like a local. Getting through the Danish winter is a tough challenge even for locals. With more than four months of low temperatures often sinking below zero, sunless weeks with the morning light coming up at around 8 a.m. and lasting until 4 p.m. and heavy rain or snow, Covid-19 and lockdowns, you’ll need more than just Vitamin D to survive the wintertime.

So, don your baggy scarves, think of indoor activities and crafts you can do, bake, bake and bake some more (make sure you do the steps after baking) and get your magazines and books at the ready, and a cosy throw. Wrap yourself up into a little cocoon and enjoy winter no matter what.


If you get to Alabama then these theaters will inspire your interior design talent as they are so fantastic. When it comes to ranking top tourist spots, Birmingham, Alabama likely isn’t going to be super high up on the list. Bigger cities like New York or Los Angeles often overshadow the Magic City, making it difficult to stand out in certain areas. That being said, there are some benefits to living in Birmingham if you do decide to close on one of the Birmingham homes for sale. One thing that Birmingham is known for is its closeness to the arts and the amazing theaters in the city. If you live in Birmingham, you’ll have plenty of quality theaters to pick between. So what theaters in the city are the best? Here are three theaters to visit in Birmingham, Alabama.


One of the most famous theaters in Birmingham is the Alabama Theater, a theater that serves as both a movie theater and a performance center. The Alabama Theater is not only extremely well known, but it also has a lot of history behind it as well. The theater is almost a hundred years old, being built in 1927. In fact, the theater still has the organ that used to play during silent movies that were shown in the theater. Outside of showing movies, the Alabama Theatre hosts live music, symphonies, and dance competitions, ensuring that no matter what your tastes are you’ll have something to be entertained by. As one of the longest standing and most well-known theaters in the city it’s no secret why you should consider checking the Alabama Theatre out. 


One of the best places to get your contemporary theater fix in Birmingham is the Terrific New Theatre. The venue has been around for decades, and it has molded its mission around growing community theater in the area. The TNT wants to promote non-profit community theater in the surrounding area by putting on some amazing shows, something that the TNT definitely succeeds at. Here you can catch classic shows like The Book of Mormon and The Tribute Artist, all performed by local entertainers. The Terrific New Theatre puts on some amazing shows and really puts forth the effort in growing the local theater community, making it a fantastic place to visit in Birmingham.

Another historic theater in Birmingham is the Lyric Theater. The theater houses 750 high quality seats that are never too far away from the stage, meaning there isn’t a bad place to sit in the entire theater. The theater was built in 1917, meaning it has over a century of history behind it. Once a premier theater in the city, the theater eventually fell into disarray. Thankfully, a 11.8 million dollar restoration project breathed new life into the venue, restoring the Lyric to its former glory. Today, the Lyric Theater is a fantastic place to enjoy symphonies, operas, and plays due to its fantastic acoustics, ambience, and history. The Lyric Theater is historic, and after its recent renovations it is once again among the must-visit theaters of Birmingham.


Find your HYGGE with a break with Canopy & Stars. Canopy & Stars is a collection of unique, creative places to stay in the outdoors giving you a genuine experience of a life more wild. They have inspected every single one to make sure only the most special spaces make it into their collection. Their collections couldn’t be more HYGGE inspired. You won’t know which to book first.

Connecting with nature is simple. Just trail a hand in the water, feel the grass between your toes or sit for a moment and listen to the birds. It’s also important, because there’s nothing more powerful than that connection for inspiring people to love the outdoors and protect the environment.

That’s why it’s Canopy & Stars sixth way to find your wild. They have some great places for you to reconnect and also help you give back just by going outdoors.

They plant a tree for every booking and have now launched tree planting donations. When you book, you’ll have the option of giving £2 to reforestation charity Treesisters. Every penny goes towards planting trees and fighting climate change, and contributes to their mission of planting 1,000,000 trees by 2025.