If you have some glasses you do not use anymore and are not one of your favourites then give them to Vision Aid Overseas. All you have to do is leave them at most UK optician branches and they will send them onto the developing world.   For CD’s and DVD’s the best place to give them is The Royal National Institute for the Blind as they can raise £50 per 100 CD’s or DVD’s donated.

If you have broken watches, or damaged jewellery then Marie Curie Cancer Care will recycle them for cash.   For electronic goods the ‘Rethink Recycling Appeal’ collects old mobile phones, DVDs, laptops, electric toothbrushes, printer cartridges, cameras, torches, power tools and other electric devices for reuse and recycling, and then allows you to donate the money they make to a charity of your choice.

If you have a load of old textbooks then READ International will collect them from across the UK and send them out to East Africa.  

Batteries can be recycled anywhere that you see the ‘Be Positive’ sign, including M&S, Argos, Homebase, B&Q and Tesco.

For everything else ‘The British Heart Foundation‘ will come and collect goods for free from your house. Just fill in the online booking form on The British Heart Foundation website.

Another company called ‘Stuff U Sell Ltd‘, will collect junk from anywhere in the UK, or you can send it to them or drop it off at their London warehouse. They will sell what they can on eBay for you, then give the rest to Oxfam or a recycling plant. You will get an inventory of how much they’ve sold your stuff for, and a cheque, minus their commission (between 10 and 30 per cent) and what they’ve given to charity. For more details head to Stuff You Sell.

For used ink cartridges head to Recycle4Charity. It is a free and easy to use ink recycling programme, that helps its thousands of members raise funds for charity and non-for-profit organisations. Since our launch in 2002, they have developed strong relationships globally with buyers of used ink cartridges, allowing us to compile and maintain one of the broadest and stable ink cartridge wanted lists in the market.

Water Aid Org will even recycle your car for you so don’t let your old car gather rust – recycle it instead! They work with two partners who can make your next steps simple. Just visit the Giveacar or Charity Car websites to find out how.

Wee Charity works with computers and electrical equipment. WeeeCharity is a NON for profit UK registered charity that helps to relieve poverty by offering a FREE complete recycling of computers and electrical equipment to businesses, residential and education facilities. Lots of help needed with this one at the moment. The equipment can be new, working or at the end of its life we can take it no matter what condition its in.

The Antique Pink — Hygge Design

The antique pink: a true and refined protagonist of our homes interior. Antique pink, thanks to a hint of grey that softens and balances the classic mix of red and white, is in fact all the rage in the world of interior design and seems to have no rivals, neither among the more emblazoned shades […]

The Antique Pink — Hygge Design


It’s feeling colder by the day with winter well and truly set in at the moment so we feel in the mood for hot drinks by the fire and being wrapped up in blankets.

With so many of us spending time at home its important to make your home special with warmth and coziness like a Hygge or Lagom in your home. Here are ten great ways to create this atmosphere.

  1. Keep your ugg mini boots handy so you can keep your feet warm or that pair of thick socks someone bought you for Christmas.
  2. Find some fleece leggings or a thick pair of pyjama bottoms.
  3. Wear with an over sized cardigan you had your eye on in the sales or one you could borrow from your partner.
  4. Wrap that gorgeous throw around you to keep warm.
  5. Keep your twinkly lights going even though Christmas is over.
  6. Plan the films you are going to watch and have plenty of popcorn in to enjoy a movie night in.
  7. Pop dinner in your crockpot in the morning so it’s on all day and ready for the evening meal.
  8. Have a stack of magazines or books handy that you haven’t had time to read.
  9. Light your room with candle light.
  10. Get your diffuser sending out some relaxing essential oil smells.