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Outdoor cooking: the new trend to spend as much time as possible outdoors with loved ones.

One of the things we need most in this period of continuous lockdown is to spend time outdoors with the people we love most, family and friends. The new trend in the design sector is to design houses with a large terrace or garden that can include a kitchen for outdoor cooking and eating.

From the classic fireplace for grilling meat and fish to full equipped kitchens that are just as good as the one inside the house. Of course, the materials are different: weatherproof materials are used.

It is advisable to choose a kitchen that matches your outdoor environment. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, use wood or stone combined with stainless steel to create a modern kitchen with natural elements….

The watchword is simplicity; the kitchen must blend in…

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Love it or hate it, housework has to be done regularly but they are now saying it is also good for your health.

Housework can count as an exercise (well I already knew that), and some tasks can actually help to improve your strength and flexibility.

Apparently ironing isn’t at the top of the list for exercise but you can burn around 55 calories and it can make a significant difference to your core strength.

Vacuuming, however, can boost your core strength and can give your heart a good workout AND you could burn up around 100 calories each time.

Dusting and polishing will burn around 90 calories and helps increase flexibility as you reach up to corners and around furniture.

Changing the bed is also a good cardio workout and can burn up around 70 calories.

Mopping the floor is another good cardio workout for your heart and can burn around 100 calories.

Decluttering and cleaning promotes a positive mental attitude and can have an energising effect, allowing you to focus on other challenges in your life.

You can approach cleaning as a meditative task or throw yourself into it, all elbow grease and dancing with mops.

If your going to do your Spring cleaning properly this year then why not ditch the plastic and buy more echo friendly cleaning products like these listed below.

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Colt & Willow

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Mangle & Wringer…

Labour & Wait…


Five ways to create a modern kitchen diner which is so fashionable now.


The great thing about having an open plan kitchen diner is that it allows you to connect the space to the garden too. You should make the most of this by having modern sliding glass doors in place. These can then open out into a patio area so that everyone in your family can eat on the patio when the weather is nice and you don’t necessarily want your dining space to be confined to the indoors. The garden has become the space that we can easily escape to at the moment. It’s also become the place where we can connect, at a safe distance with family and friends at home.


The flooring you choose in your dining room needs to feel suitable for both a kitchen and a dining context, so you probably don’t want a conventional carpet because that’s not really ideal for a kitchen. You will also want the flooring to be durable and so a stone or hard tile option could be what you need. Kitchens need to have durable, water-friendly flooring, but what is the best flooring for kitchens? Look for reclaimed, recycled, and environmentally sustainable choices to be popular varieties for hardwood flooring. 


Zoning the space is something that you will definitely need to do very carefully because it will dictate how you ultimately end up using the space. Make the wrong call and you could end up with a strange and dysfunctional space that doesn’t really meet the needs of your family, so dedicate plenty of planning and thought to this. You want the space to be appropriate, don’t you?


It’s important to have consistency in terms of colour throughout your kitchen diner if you want it to look unified. Remember, you’re talking about one space now, not two. So you can’t have one design in the kitchen part and another entirely different one in the dining area; that would look ridiculous. You could choose white chairs and black tablecloths. That black and white aesthetic is very popular right now. But ultimately, it’s up to you.


Natural light is really important in a dining space, so make sure you have as much of it as possible. But you should also try to make sure that you have decent artificial lighting for those long evenings when you’re entertaining in your dining space. Ensure your dining table is always lit up with a light source hanging above it if possible.

Kitchen diners are ideal for most people, especially families. It’s good to have that open space because you simply don’t need barriers between rooms anymore. It helps the space flow so much better, and it can also help the natural light to pour through the space without any unnecessary barriers.

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