Hibernating for Humans: Settling down for the Winter

How to Hygge the British Way

The tree came down this weekend. It was actually quite a quick process to de-Christmasify the house this year. I didn’t put a lot of Christmas decorations up, some of what I put up I have left as Winter decorations and some of my decorations were edible ones (sweets, nuts and oranges) that disappeared over the season anyway.

So here I am on the first Monday of January and ready to start the year properly.

It’s funny, but 1st January has never been a good day to start the year for me. I think because it’s still within the 12 days of Christmas, still has the promise of fun to come and has never been the day I went back to work: it’s not a run of the mill, workadaisical day anyway. This first Monday, this is the time that reality bites. And, for the last few years, it’s the…

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I just love these pictures from Cosy Home Decor, they are stunning, it’s just a shame they spelt Hygge wrong on the infographic. 



We all have some small spaces and struggle to know how to fit everything into it that you need. Well in Beautifully Small, Sara Emslie embraces the positive aspects of living in small spaces and offers creative design and style solutions to the practical problems associated with limited living space.

In Chapter 1: Inspiration, Sara draws inspiration from truly tiny spaces such as boats and caravans as well as her own home – a diminutive workman’s cottage in Richmond, London.

In Chapter 2: Elements of Design, she discusses how even the most straightforward planning decisions can be complicated by the constraints of small spaces and suggests clever design solutions.

The third chapter, Elements of Style, explores ideas for making compact interiors work through creative styling and decoration.

In Chapter 4, a series of case studies takes a closer look at imaginative treatments for pocket-size interiors, showcasing a variety of tiny spaces including a terraced ‘two-up, two-down’ worker’s cottage, a tiny studio with a clever mezzanine that incorporates a bathroom and a pint sized coastal hideaway.

A lovely book for your coffee table.

Forget hygge: The laws that really rule in Scandinavia

Interesting Reading …

Hutt's World of People

Get a taste of BBC Ideas: Short films for curious minds:

“A Janteloven society. Jante Law is a set of rules that underpin Scandinavian society. It seems to help create equality – but at what expense to the individual?”


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We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.Nothing says luxury quite like marble. We eschewed it for a brief moment in the design world because it was associated with gaudiness, but marble is making its comeback in…

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Traditional Otomi designs have also been used on other products, including the Hygge & West Otomi wallpaper shown here.

Design ideas for a medium sized beach style children’s room for girls in Houston with white walls and light hardwood flooring.
like the 2 beds with a chest in the middle instead of bedside tables

This large framed print of a fox is the star of this Atlanta bedroom designed by Rethink Design Studio. The white background of the print creates enough blank space to allow for a bold wallpaper to adorn the wall without looking too jumbled. Wallpaper: Triangles, Hygge & West.