The Boho Chic Style — Hygge Design

The Boho Chic style: characteristics of a complex, personalized and unique style! The boho chic style is made up of two different words: boho is the abbreviation of “bohemian”, referring to the lifestyle of 19th century artists, which in turn comes from the erroneous belief that gypsies came from Bohemia; and “chic” another French term […]

The Boho Chic Style — Hygge Design


The weather is starting to change and thoughts of a raging fire and snuggly throws come to mind. But before you chuck out those sweaters you decide you no longer want to wear, why not turn them into a cosy cushion instead.

Sweater Pillows DIY 30 Minute Craft Video Instructions

Pillow Power {Take Two}_ The Bow-Chica-Bow-Wow Bedroom Makeover

Turn an Old Sweater Into a Chic, Preppy Pillow

DIY – Cushion Covers

Make your own Sweater Pillows! DIY Tutorial


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