Just because Autumn has arrived it doesn’t mean we have to just be cosy indoors. Check out these cosy Hygge outdoor rooms bringing the outside in.



Here are some lovely images of cosy rooms kitted out ready for the Autumn.


For many years nursery’s have been decorated in the usual pink or blue. But you can also go gender neutral using tans and greens which is great for a boy or a girl.

Some lovely images from An I For Interiors Pinterest Page, will inspire Hygge lovers on how to decorate a nursery the neutral way.


The Cosy Winter Hygge Colouring Book by Elizabeth James will take you straight into a Hygge world.

Light the fire, burn the candles, grab yourself a snuggly blanket and get yourself all lovely and cosy this winter – it’s time to bring some hygge into your life!

A perfect book for the dark winter nights. Available from Amazon for £3.95 and other good book sellers.

Hygge Adult Colouring Book : A Book to Enjoy and Colour for a Cozy, Simple, Happy Life, by Megan Halsey is another beautiful book to enjoy on a cold day with your blanket over your feet sitting on the sofa. The images are so fantastic that I’m sure you will want to frame some of your finished pieces. Also available from Amazon for £8.33


Onling, the ultimate Danish Hygge clothing is an online shop full to the brim of all you would embrace in Hygge wear.

Knitting atmosphere with yarn, needles and zippers

You immediately think natural exquisite materials which make you look and feel great.

Not only do they sell clothes but they also sell wool and run workshops and events ( although not very local for us Brits).

One particular class which has totally sold out and caught my eye was ‘knitting class for experienced knitters, learn to read English patterns’. 

Chabel hat with stripes of light grey, dark grey and dusty rose, made in wool and alpaca

Onling say “We believe that the fashion industry needs to change by producing better products that last longer and are environmentally friendly.

At Önling we select fabrics that leave the smallest possible impact on the environment, as we know that a piece of clothing will not stand a chance of becoming the modern consumer’s favorite, if it is not responsibly produced.

We select the best, natural fabrics for our clothes. We only use organic cotton, we buy left-over fabrics – called deadstock – from other brands, and we incorporate sustainable fabrics like bamboo, Lyocell and fish leather into our limited collections. We only produce 200 pieces of each style, which means that you will get a unique product, when you buy Önling.

In addition to that, we have completely avoided plastic in our packaging, as we do not want to add to the plastic islands floating around in the pacific ocean. All our products are wrapped in recycled paper bags and even though this might sound like small thing, for us it is big. We have saved the environment for 70.000 polybags by now, and we are proud to take on this responsibility.”.

Lets hope others follow this lead and become as environmentally friendly as Onling.

Choosing natural fibres for sustainable design